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AVP-USA Offers Grant to Local Groups

Outreach Coordinator Matching Grants

Apply today to help support the growth of your Local Group!

If your local AVP chapter is looking to expand, then the CLARG Outreach grants could be just what you’re looking for. AVP-USA will be matching funds, up to $1000 per group, to support newly-created Local Outreach Coordinator positions.  A maximum of $3000 has been allocated for this pilot program. So, if your Local Group can provide some funds for an outreach position and are interested in being matched by AVP-USA, your group should apply!

The grants are designed to help Local Groups increase their ability to compensate staff, providing necessary resources for Local Groups to expand. Local Groups are encouraged to put together a plan for how the funds might be used and how the local group could benefit from an outreach coordinator in their area.  For example, an Outreach Coordinators might do any of the following

    • recruit participants for workshops
    • edit/create website material
    • update social media sites
    • advertise workshops to local media/local organizations
    • plan logistics for community workshops (hospitality, food, etc.)

If your Local Group is interested, make sure to click on the link below and apply today!

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