Conflict is part of daily life….
….but violence doesn’t have to be
  • We live in a violent society….and violence comes in many forms, physical and intangible. Although violence we encounter in our everyday life is often verbal and emotional, many are shocked by the increasing conflict on the streets, in our schools, and in the home.

  • Violence knows no class, racial, economic or geographical boundaries. People in the US have twice the chance of being murdered than in many other Western countries. Our schools have resorted to metal detectors. Violence in the home, physical and mental, directed against both spouse and child is rampant.

  • We lead the world in prison population, and our prisons, viewed as a way of protecting society from violence, spawn more violence. Over ninety percent of prisoners eventually return to society — from a prison experience that encourages violence.

Is AVP for you?

An AVP facilitator talks about his vision of the role AVP can play in all our lives.

An AVP workshop can help you to:

  • manage strong feelings such as anger and fear
  • deal more effectively with risk and danger
  • build good relationships with other people
  • communicate well in difficult situations
  • ecognise the skills you already have and learn new ones
  • be true to yourself while respecting other people
  •  understand why conflict happens
  • uncover your innate “transforming power” to transform a situation from aggression to cooperation