Room Registration with Partial Scholarship Application

  1. Full Registration: Core 3 days of conference. Required.
    • Program: Friday evening through Monday morning.
    • Lodging: Double occupancy room Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.
    • Meals: Friday dinner through Monday lunch.
  2. Optional Pre-Conference activities: See Website for details.
    • AVP/USA Planning Session: Thursday.
    • Denver Women’s Correctional Facility: Friday.
    • Lodging & Meals available from Wed night for these activities.
  3. Optional Post-Conference CofC retreat: Monday afternoon.
    • Lodging: Monday night.
    • Meals: Tuesday breakfast. (We’re on our own Monday dinner)

Please note:

  • Enter “scholarship” for the coupon and you will receive a $320 preliminary scholarship deduction.
    • Your registration will be PENDING until the Scholarship Committee determines the amount of your scholarship and you pay any difference.
    • When you checkout, PayPal will not charge you anything unless your total is greater than $320 after applying the scholarship coupon.
    • The maximum scholarship is $320. If the Scholarship Committee awards a lesser amount, you must pay the difference (we’ll bill you later).
  • Scholarship registrations are Double Occupancy only.   APPLICATION DEADLINE March 21

Payment Note: Click on the PayPal button to register. If you entered “scholarship” for the coupon, PayPal will NOT charge you anything if your balance owed is less than $320.  If you do owe a balance but do not have a PayPal account,  just select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” on the PayPal page.


Bookings are closed for this event.