We all face interpersonal conflict.  We all are affected by violence, be it physical or non-physical.  AVP community workshops bring together diverse groups of people, including: Americorps volunteers, students, National Guardsmen, youth home residents, homeless shelter staff members, business-owners and teachers, to name just a few.  Together, we are building an international movement for creative conflict resolution. In 1994, the UN sent our facilitators to work with youth in the refugee camps. The national police force in Nicaragua received our training as part of their efforts to defuse violence.  An entire small town in Colorado has chosen to go through our program.

Where do participants come from?

  • Teachers: Many workshops will provide CEU’s
  • Psychologists
  • Boys and Girls Club staff: their clients often struggle with issues of violence, and organizations always have their own conflicts.
  • Homeless: Their input and sharing really empowers workshops
  • Ex-gang members: where the action is
  • Social Workers
  • Retired: AVP groups have bloomed due to their commitment.
  • The Courts:  An AVP workshop must not be the sole alternative to incarceration, i.e.: there must be an element of volunteerism.
  • Churches:  there’s a large (nondenominational) element of spirituality to be found in workshops