Bylaws Changes IN PLACE!



What’s going on with the Bylaws??

The Bylaws were amended at the Annual National Gathering in Boston, utilizing the feedback you’ve provided and lengthly (5 hour) discussion at the business meeting.

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Permanent Bylaws/Policies Repository:  Bylaws & Policy



Compensation: At the Business Meeting, there also took place an in-depth conversation on a section of the Policy of AVP-USA related to compensation of facilitators. The following final language was approved to Section IV. Team Leadership, the final bullet point:

• AVP may reimburse any expenses incurred in conducting a workshop. Local groups may decide whether or not to pay facilitators for conducting workshops.

Questions? The Business Meeting that approved the Bylaws and Policy changes at the Annual National Gathering took place over the course of five hours. The people present participated in serious conversations about the implications of the changes for the wider AVP community. These conversations should be ongoing in local and regional groups in order for the changes to have the most positive impact on AVP. Please feel free to reach out on the AVP-L listserve with questions, or to individual people you know who attended the gathering.