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Board Members

The AVP-USA Board of Trustees (“the Board”) shall be composed of the Chairs of the Standing Committees, the officers of the Corporation, the Leadership Fellow(s), and the At-Large member(s).
There shall be up to three (3) At-Large Members on the Board.

Duties and Governance

AVP-USA shall be governed by policies and decisions agreed upon by the AVP Community at the Annual National Gathering. The Board is responsible to the Annual National Gathering and the authorities of the state of incorporation for the management of the property and affairs of the Corporation.
The AVP Community entrusts the Board with the day-to-day management of the organization between Annual National Gatherings, including such matters as hiring (and terminating) employees, contracting for services, personnel functions and expending money for the benefit of the organization. The Board will publish its decisions and proceedings in a timely manner.
The Board shall delegate all tasks to appropriate committees, except those specifically required to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities. This responsibility shall include all amendments to the budget. In the event of disagreement among committees, the Board shall facilitate a resolution.
Board Meetings

The Board shall meet at least once a year at the Annual National Gathering and may meet at other times as needed. A record of decisions made at the Annual National Gathering is to be approved by the Board and posted on the AVP-USA website promptly after each meeting.

At any meeting of the Board, one half of the total membership of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Co-President Archer Bunner
Co-President Mahal Burr
Vice-President Richard Chiamulon
Treasurer Miriam Bunner
Secretary Grace Paulsen
Committee of Local & Regional Groups (CLARG) Co-Chair Mital Lyons-Warren
Committee of Local & Regional Groups (CLARG) Co-Chair Josh Simmons
Communications Committee Chair Rick Krouskop
Conference Committee Co-Chair Archer Bunner
Conference Committee Co-Chair Toby Laverty
Education Committee Co-Chair Katherine Smith
Education Committee Co-Chair Betty McEady
Finance/Fundraising Committee Co-Chair Chad Dell
Finance/Fundraising Committee Co-Chair Rahmeik Lacewell
Research Committee Co-Chair John Michaelis
Research Committee Co-Chair Chaundra Whitehead
At-Large Member Deborah Leter
At-Large Member Thomas Forbes
At-Large Member Jason Guinn
Leadership Fellow Star Poole
Leadership Fellow Emelio Reyna
Leadership Fellow Brentley Sandlin
Guest Member: Transformer Editor Dawn Addy
Guest Member: Adaptations Co-Chair Rita Cronise
Guest Member: Adaptations Co-Chair Noelle Pollet

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